A cross-section of previous and ongoing work

The names of some of the products and companies have to be left out below due to signed non disclosure agreements.

  • Main Swedish translator and transcreator for the website and email campaigns of one of the world leading telecom/mobile companies. Large volumes of high visibility marketing content. 2017-
  • Reviewer for Sonos, checking translations from the agency hired by Sonos and copy by an external Swedish writer to make sure that the voice and quality is right. Regular meetings with all parties involved. 8-10 hrs/week 2017-
  • Swedish lead linguist for a tech company selling action cameras and camera drones. 2017-
  • External in-house linguist at the Stockholm office of a multinational search engine company. 15-20 hrs/week 2015-2016, offsite 2016. Responsibilities: translation review, writing feedback to external translators, translation, and software testing.
  • Swedish primary reviewer for a major virtualization software company, 2014-2015
  • Main translator for popular online service for file transfer
  • Localization of the Stockholm Metro safety and signaling computer system - NSSS, an Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) system, and accompanying user manuals and educational material – 451,000 words
  • Swedish localization of Bookmate
  • Marketing material for company selling vacation packages around the world – 409,000 words