Swedish Translation Services
English to Swedish and German to Swedish translation services specialized in IT, horticulture, and creative marketing.


Professional translations from English and German to Swedish in the fields of IT, creative marketing, and horticulture. Most file formats supported. No robot translations guaranteed!

Text review and copy-editing

Revision and proofreading of translated content or copy written in Swedish. Do you need to check if the grammar is correct, or do you need a full review with fact checking and a focus on brand voice, style, and SEO? Get in touch for a quote.

Creative translation a.k.a. transcreation

Do you have a great ad campaign? Let's make sure it stays that way by focusing on the values and ideas you want to communicate. Transcreation is an iceberg where the finished text is the shining tip above the surface.

Experience in short

Translation of a handful of books about drawing, photography, meditation, hand lettering, sketch notes, party games, and pedagogy for children in kinder garden.

Localization consultancy for Sonos. Revision of the translated content coming from a translation agency hired by Sonos, raising the quality of the translations, and ensuring brand voice consistency; translation; coordination of feedback to agency translation team; user acceptance testing; post DTP proofing of various assets; creation and management of style guide, glossary, and other linguistic reference material.

Translator and copywriter for Babbel. Creation of glossaries and style guides, translation of various assets, including high-visibility marketing material and graphical user interface. Choosing which articles should be translated, translation of and updating the Swedish blog.

Lead for the copywriting workflow for multinational job application platform. Review, copy-editing and quality control of a large, steady stream of web articles written by a team of copywriters, including style, SEO, and content; query management; feedback meetings with the writers; quality assurance for and ordering the search keywords leading to new articles being written.

Main Swedish translator and transcreator for the website and email campaigns of one of the world-leading telecom/mobile companies. Large volumes of high-visibility marketing content.

In-house linguist vendor at the Stockholm office of a multinational search engine company. 15-20 hrs/week. Responsibilities: revision of translated text, writing feedback to external translators, translation, and software testing.


Robin is a very professional translator and is very reliable. We can count on him and that is important since we always have short deadlines. Robin is proactive in letting us know about his availability and gives good advice on our translations for the Swedish market. He helps us to manage the Swedish localization team, andwe’re very happy with his knowledge and expertise.

— Lonneke Keurs, Sonos

Robin represents my favorite type of translator. He knows what great localization is and helps you achieve this greatness. Professional, punctual, accurate, reliable. I don't have to worry about the Swedish version of Bookmate when Robin is taking care of it.

— Marina Ilyinykh, Bookmate

Robin is a pro. A quick, perfect communicator and very good translator. He is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

— Dieter Schnee, Die Sprachprofis GmbH

Robin is a top class, highly efficient translator. A real pleasure to work with. Thank you once again for all your work.

— Nick Ross, The Lanugage Club

Professional, attentive to detail, and very reliable with deadlines and requests. A pleasure to deal with.

— Mark Alford

Robin has worked for us in a number of sizeable EN>SV translation projects and always delivers on-time, quality work. I would recommend his services to anyone.

— Christina Godoy

Robin is a great professional. He is reliable, trustworthy, and his translations are always of excellent quality.

— Kamila Kwiecień, Maruboshi


Robin Joensuu is based in Berlin, Germany and has translated professionally since 2011. He has talked on conferences, has been a mentor for newly hatched translators, has experience of leading teams of translators and copywriters working for clients in different industries, and has over 20,000 hours of translation experience under his belt. He also likes dogs.